So-called “victim,” Julie Spicer, is accused by her own sister…

Julie Spicer’s sister says, “My father passed away in October 1999 in Adelaide. My father for decades collected first day edition coins and stamps, which are in my sister’s (Julie Spicer’s) possession.”

The true culprit, who should have been convicted, is Julie Spicer, and NOT Henry Alfred Goolsbee !!

  • Thanks to the U.S. Dept. of State, by way of the Office of the U.S. Ambassador (New Zealand) and the U.S. Consulate General (NZ), and Office of Human Rights Proceedings (NZ), Goolsbee’s claims against corrupt government officials in New Zealand, are now being heard and investigated in the High Courts of New Zealand.

The following is a quote from a legal advice website.  These words were written by Julie Spicer’s sister who is claiming that Julie Spicer and her daughter may have stolen inheritance-estate funds from her family, sister and sister’s daughter…

The statement by Julie Spicer’s sister, below, begs answers to questions such as… What was the true source of Julie Spicer’s money and why did she behave in such a manner? Did she abscond with the funds? Why would Julie Spicer falsely accuse Goolsbee, regarding funds that Julie Spicer had provided to Goolsbee? Was Spicer trying to “park” the money in Goolsbee’s account without Goolsbee’s knowledge, with the intent of suddenly demanding the return of the money at a later date? 

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“My father passed away in October 1999 in Adelaide. My elder sister is sole executer of my fathers estate. My father for decades collected first day edition coins and stamps, which are in my sisters possession. My father stated that he wanted his possessions sold and divided between his three daughters. When my mother passed away in 2007 in Adelaide, I again requested and was finally given a copy of my fathers will. Please advise what steps I need to take to have my fathers wishes carried out.

Shortly after my mother’s passing my niece Jessie advised me that her mother would attend to my father’s will when she was feeling better.
My mother made me and my elder sister’s daughter Jessie, co-executers of her will.

[…in other words, Julie Spicer’s mother didn’t vest trust in Julie Spicer. Instead, trust was vested with Julie Spicer’s sister.] 

My daughter and Jessie are the main beneficiaries of my mothers estate. The balance of my mothers 2 bank accounts are to be shared equally between my daughter and Jessie. Jessie has refused to return the required paperwork to finalize one bank account. The Bendigo Bank did agree to finalize that account after I and they were unsuccessfull on a number of occasions in getting Jessie to comply in returning the required paperwork. Jessie and her mother were estranged from my mother for some time before my mother passed away suddenly. I have been unable to contact my sister and her daughter by phone for some time. Jessie has the proceeds of the auctioning of my mothers house-hold goods which were to be divided between her 3 daughters. Please, what steps do I need to take to finalise my mum’s will? I have been able to carry out some of my mother’s wishes, the scattering of her ashes, and am very keen to finalize her will. I am very grateful for any help you are able to give me. I am not sure if my sister, Julie Anne Spicer d.o.b. 27th January 1950 is still living in Adelaide. At my mothers funeral she spoke of moving to Melbourne where Jessie was living at the time. I have flown to Adelaide from my home in Perth on a number of occasions to carry out my mother’s wishes at my own expence and am not in a possition at present to make any more trips.”

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