Something from nothing

“Can something come from nothing?

No.. because nothing doesn’t exist…

Therefore, what has been always around us and in us, always will be…

This gives rise to the concepts of eternal time and infinite space.

Since the human brain cannot comprehend eternal time and infinite space, it is threatened and thereby humbled by this general thought process.

If this is true, then there was no BEGINNING and there is no END.

There are infinite instances of beginningS and endingS occurring throughout the ever undulating spacetime continuum.”

(C) 2003 Copyright H. Alfred Goolsbee (a.k.a. William Hearth)








I have one more thought-form emerging – blossoming from our recent interactions after much consideration… it has to do with genuine emancipation… not that easy to articulate.. but it goes something like this.. “Images of PadmaSambhava and the Green Tara… Quan Yin and Amaterasu-OMikami, Bodhisattvas… Eternal Light Beings… Divine CoCreators… Splendid Tantric-Dakini Lovers, and so on and so forth … these are all icons and architypes that beckon the initiate/pilgrim and entice the dross mind to commence the journey.. launching us into the return towards perfection… and yet… when one has truly merged with the unified field and achieved AToneMent… we are more likely to style ourselves “a falling leaf” “a silver-brown shriveled twig” “an ant on its way home to the colony” “a dying ember” “the old hag” “a black pot on the smoldering campfire after a light rain” … and when we begin to care less about the human form and no longer seek to anthropomorphize… finding contentment in simply comparing oneself to a shinning bit of rainbow colored, dried up snail-slime… or to be ok with merging into a mind-meld, with a bit of bat pooh… when ALL atoms in every possible state of becoming a collage is stardust, and whilst coupled into any form … we find ourselves at one with every conceivable aspect of the universe.. berry seed, moth wing, finger nail clippings, old tire rubber, a meteorite, a leather boot, sulphuric acid, volcanic plume, a pebble, bird droppings, scorpions tail, snake venom, a pencil eraser. Super nova and quark… we no longer feel the need to be compared to something of grandeur, neither majestic nor lustrous… and we can finally take comfort in being aligned with all these very ordinary things … we come closest to finding our truest and innermost external-eternal point of singularity toilet seat cover, relentless diamond eye… because we discover in every single atom the divine spark that sincerely makes all things one in the imagination of the perfect fool… I don’t need to be a guru, yogi, tai chi master, gang member, church leader, eternal enlightened gorilla ghost-buster; and even samadhi and nirvana have lost their charm… and dreams of so-called enlightenment no longer appeal, and yet at that exact same moment … the spirit of discernment is operating in turbo-charged overdrive.. and finally… at last !! pristine perspicacity is all that remains.. we simply see smell touch taste, hear, intuit, telepath in and from everything all around us… the absolute truth of what IS real… starlight void… we are golden… and we are dull grey… singing ballads, and snoring by the campfires … the crazy guru wisdom that swirls around within and without the Tantric Mind .. hmmm …… One Wonders… gazing out to sea and into the starry horizons of a blindingly bright midnight sky… what am I NOT? I am that, I AM one who has ceased to exist…