Solar Tower for cities like Houston, Los Angeles by Henry Alfred Goolsbee (2003)

Solar power for cities the size of Houston and Los Angeles
by Henry Alfred Goolsbee

[Solar Tower™] Solar generated hydrogen fuel and electricity ~ enough for cities the size of Houston and Los Angeles! A 3.6 billon dollar initiative has commenced.

Photo of H Alfred Goolsbee-Avers-hydrogen-fuel-cells

Photo of H Alfred Goolsbee Pictured with Mr. Arno Avers in Tokyo. Talking about the future use of hydrogen-fuel-cells in a Solar Tower Village

Friday, November 21, 2003: [Enviromission EarthNews Online (C) All rights reserved. “Solar Tower™ Cooperative Investment Alliance,” a 3.6 billion dollar global energy and agricultural cooperative initiative, is set to expand development of Solar Tower technology throughout the world.

US-based “Solar Tower Cooperative Investment Alliance,” Solar Tower Renewable Energy Alliance of America LLC, (aka The STREAM Coop) and Solar Tower Co. Ltd. (Hong Kong), Solar Tower Pty Ltd. (Australia), and other members of the Solar Tower Global Group of Companies have been promoting development of Solar Tower™ technology into the US, China and all other suitable geographical locations globally.

Solar Tower technology is not patented, and this large-scale renewable solar based energy technology is capable of generating enough hydrogen fuel and electricity to supply cities the size of Los Angeles and Houston. Development of this technology is currently underway in Australia by EnviroMission Limited, however it is important to NOTE* that anyone can and should research, design and build solar towers.

There is no exclusive license required to develop Solar Tower renewable energy technology in Australia or any other place in the world. No patent was ever granted to EnviroMission Limited or to SolarMission Technologies regardless of their relationship with Schlaich, Bergerman und Partners in Germany. Nor was a patent ever granted to Schlaich, Bergerman und Partners in Germany, the original “inventor” of the “Solar Chimney” as they called it. (Re:

There is no Government approved owner of a Solar Tower™ patent in the US, China, Mexico, Jordan, Egypt, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Vietnam and Thailand, or any other place in the world; therefore SolarMission Technologies’ plans to build on EnviroMission Ltd’s progress through commercialization of the technology outside Australia, should be complimented by several cooperatively owned and operated groups of Solar Tower Turbine Clusters™ situated around the world.

A search for a suitable location in the US has already been conducted and enthusiasm for the implementation of Solar Tower Turbine Cluster™ technology in Arizona is evident. The Phoenix Rotary, ( among others, has already expressed their support for the project when they sent a letter of encouragement (see below*) to the founding members of The STREAM Cooperative and other members of the NASA Ames research center on June 20th 2003 when The First Exploratory Meeting of The STREAM Cooperative at NASA Ames Research Park occurred. (view image at:[Enviromission EarthNews Online

Along with: Professor Daniel Kammen of the Renewable & Appropriate Energy Laboratory “RAEL” (see- [ of the University of California Berkeley several key figures of the NASA team were in attendance:

Mark Beskind-Legal Dept. NASA Ames;
William Berry-Director UC Silicon Valley Center;
Dr. Burney Le Boeuf- Deputy Vice Chancellor for Research UC Santa Cruz;
Dr. Stephanie Langhoff-NASA Ames Chief Scientist;
Azrrik Tawaweseoma Hahn-Youth Education Coordinator for Solar Tower Renewable Energy Alliance of America LLC;
Michael Marlaire Assistant Director for Development, Office of the Director;
Dr.Peter Friedland, NASA Ames Chief Technology Officer;
“TJ” Reardon-Recycling Engineer
William Lloyd-Enterprise Engineer, APPLE Computers.

“Worldwide enthusiasm for Solar Tower Turbine Clusters™ might save us from extinction,” says Solar Tower Renewable Energy Alliance of America LLC founder, H.Alfred Goolsbee, “if enquiries worldwide increased substantially within the next year or two; Solar Tower Turbine Cluster™ technology could power the States the size of Texas, Arizona, California, New York and all future NASA missions not to mention the world at large!”

Solar Tower Renewable Energy Alliance of America LLC, (aka The STREAM Coop) and it’s work to date, worldwide, has provided the project with the groundwork to effectively thwart attempts to monopolize this critical new source of energy and to insure clean green energy for future generations at affordable costs in any global energy market.

A Solar Tower Turbine Cluster™ power station is expected to abate over 7,000,000 tons of greenhouse gases annually, providing an important solution to the renewable energy challenge in the US.

About the STREAM Coop:

Today, even as you read these words, the large majority of America’s household waste is being hauled to landfills and dumped into old rock quarries and other rural and desert areas. This waste, for decades, has been leaching into the water tables and poisoning the Earth; poisoning the fauna and flora, and in many cases it poisons human children, their parents and grandparents.

Average householders and business owners, believing that they have no other option, continue to pay a monthly fee and support this contemptible behavior. Every day they say goodbye to valuable recyclable waste and they say goodbye to their money, never knowing what happened to that money (or waste). What exactly does happen to that money? You will be shocked at the truth.

Hundreds of Millions (billions) of dollars of profits “disappear” every year; meanwhile the waste piles higher and higher. Where does it go? Who will bring these environmental criminals to justice? It may never happen; but The STREAM COOP can do something to prevent it from happening in the future. Pay attention: Your life literally depends upon your ability to understand what you’re about to read here and your eagerness to take action.

The new STREAM COOP Recycling system designed by H.Alfred Goolsbee, founder of the “Solar Tower Cooperative Investment Alliance LLC” will redirect over 85% of that waste into recycling centers and promises to reduce dramatically (by 80~95%) the waste that is usually bound for landfill, and alternatively, will convert that waste into money.

Over time these funds will be returned to those who produced the waste, proportionately, depending upon their active participation in the Cooperative.

It is the first time in history that a system promises to return cash for waste on a National Scale while at the same time reducing the mountains of waste being injected into Mother Earth.
This is made possible through two new simple systems of sorting waste; first at source, where the waste is generated, next at the STREAM Cooperative Recycling centers, where the waste should be hauled to instead of landfills.

The annual projected profits based on national averages should exceed US$20-billion. Even if only 15% of the US population will voluntarily select the STREAM Coop to handle their waste, annual projected profits based on national averages should exceed US$4-billion.

STREAM Recycling units pay for themselves within two years and will employ tens of thousands of people, while returning a profit to the members of the cooperative over a period of several years.

In addition to these astounding benefits, the STREAM Coop Initiative promises to accelerate dramatically the Global transition to a Distributed Fuel Cell Economy ( based on eventual (next 5 years) production of Hydrogen Fuel (and other sustainable fuels) produced as a direct and indirect result of this recycling procedure.

The STREAM Coop, through it’s unique and innovative recycling methods will generate member’s equity over a period of 3-4 years, as well as large quantities of powdered glass, aluminum, and iron. These assets will in turn be used to build The STREAM Agricultural Glasshouse Cooperative.

The STREAM Agricultural Glasshouse Cooperative in alliance with The STREAM Recycling Cooperative will build The STREAM Energy Cooperative. (Solar Tower Turbine Clusters™)

America’s waste will be converted into 100% Clean Green Electricity and Hydrogen Fuel.

The byproducts include forests, oxygen, distilled ionized water (negative charged, converted from ocean water), medicinal and aromatic herbs, tinctures and extracts, fruits and vegetables, and will generate hundreds of thousands, if not millions of employment opportunities for both skilled and unskilled labor at many levels.

If you wish to become a member of The STREAM Recycling Co-op today, and contribute your fair share of household waste as soon as possible you should contact us at Become a local or regional co-op leader today and help us all to protect all our children’s right to a clean green sustainable future.